• Jack Bryan Nolan born 1st August 1996 from New Moston, Manchester.Whilst Jack was going through his early teenage years he became very passionate and intrigued by the world of acting, from film to theatre to TV was where Jack could see himself. Jack left Failsworth Sports College in June 2012 after completing his GCSE exams and was proud to have left with excellent grades, including Media, English Literature and an 'A' in Drama, Mrs McMinn, Jack's Drama teacher was extremely impressed at Jacks ability and passion. In September 2012, Jack began his College days at Hopwood Hall, Rochdale, studying Media. Jack decided then that his dream was to become an actor who might one day direct his own movies. To start the process he joined David Johnson’s School of Acting in Manchester where he has attended since 2010. David Johnson is highly regarded in this industry and has found many stars, the majority being the cast of Coronation Street and Emmerdale. Jack has appeared in both amateur and professional productions.

    Jacks first professional acting job came when he auditioned for the character Darrel in the feature film BLOOD, due to be released in cinema's in February 2013. Blood is a psychological thriller directed by Nick Murphy who also directed 'The Awakening. The cast includes some very famous and exceptional actors, Brian Cox, Mark Strong, Paul Bettany and Stephen Graham. Blood was recently shown at the London Film Festival and also scooped Best Feature Film at the Brussels Film Festival. When Jack auditioned for the part, Nick Murphy saw something in him he liked and decided to cast him as the cheeky lad - MEGAPHONE KID!

    Jacks second piece of professional work is still in progress he is playing the character Tony from the novel Broken Youth. Broken Youth is the first novel written by the talented best selling author Karen Woods. Karen decided to write another character for Jack, Tony. The Broken Youth Production will be going on tour around the UK, with its first production at the LOWRY in Manchester on 29th June 2013! Karens novels are based in and around Manchester and are true grit!